Earn Network
Public Sale starts at: 27th June 2024 at 12:00 UTC
Prediction Markets Limited NFTs Edition
Reap exclusive rewards from our upcoming category of Prediction Markets. Pre-sale only for outstanding Cronos community members!
Verified venues on which our NFTs sale happens
Stay safe and buy our NFTs only on those 2 venues below
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Sold Out!
magic card
network icon Cronos
Oracle of Wisdom
Benefits for holders:
Earn 6.1% fees from every Prediction Markettooltip
Get an extra +2% of shares’ bonus when placing a bettooltip
Seat in the Quorum of Final Resolverstooltip
2900 CRO network icon
magic card
network icon Cronos
Golden Tree of Fortune
Benefits for holders:
Earn 0.9% fees from every Prediction Markettooltip
15 minutes priority to resolve the market tooltip
Increased earning fee as a Market Validator by 50%tooltip
550 CRO network icon
Estimate ROI on the NFT you want to buy
Estimated return NaN%
How will prediction markets work on Earn Network?
Estimated launch of Prediction Markets on Earn Network is August 2024.
pool icon
Prediction Market is created by Market Creator. Earn Network team verifies if it meets criteria's to be active.
pool icon
Make a bet
Participants place bets in the Prediction Market in multiple tokens of their choice.
pool icon
Market gets resolved by Market Validators. A small amount of $EARN must be staked to resolve the bet.
pool icon
If no appeal to Quorum of Final Resolves is reported then everyone is able to claim their rewards.
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Volumes processed so far on Earn Network
$12,42 M
card 2
Global Prediction Market Size (2023)
card 3
Combined community size of Earn Network