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Crescent Network RestakingDelegate (stake) $CRE from your wallet and amplify earnings with auto-compounding.
Max APR tooltip13.35%
Crescent Network
Min. staketooltip1 CRE
Undelegation periodtooltip0 day
Restake frequencytooltipNever
Min. restaketooltip50 CRE
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Available balance tooltip
0.00 CRE($0.00)
Delegation tooltip0.00 CRE=0.00 USD
Available to Claim tooltip0.00 CRE=0.00 USD
tooltipDelegate firstly in order to turn on auto-compunding
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Minimum stake amount: 1 CRE
Validator nameEarn Network
Fees tooltip0%
Restake frequency tooltipNever
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Learn about Crescent Network restaking ↗Guide step by step how to delegate & benefits of restaking
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